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covid stories

COVID Stories


A program of Black Women Rally for Action’s “We Will Not Forget” Campaign 

"We Will Not Forget" Campaign is a series of videotaped first-person stories of Black women who have experienced Covid 19. In their words the women tell how the pandemic, which has killed close to 95,000 people in the U.S. has affected them personally.

  • What
    Covid-19 and the coronavirus has had a particularly deleterious impact on the Black community. Some say it is because Black people have so many pre-existing conditions and underlying conditions. Others say it’s because of the inequities, discrimination in health care and distrust of the health profession. Others say it’s because of the overall toll that institutionalized racism has on had on Black people, thus resulting in poor medical outcomes. While the reasons may be debatable, the negative impact of the coronavirus on Black communities, and Black women, in particular can’t be disputed.
  • Why
    Black Women Rally for Action believes that sharing one’s personal story is one of the most powerful advocacy and information tools a society can employ. Moreover, it is imperative that Black women’s voices and stories be told, as they are often presented in one-dimensional and inaccurate ways. This is a way that we can heal, use our power and begin to help shape new systems and policies that will improve our health and well-being. Now is the time. If not now, then when. This video series is a part of the Black Women Rally for Action’s, “We Will Not Forget” campaign that is designed to ensure that we do not continue to erase the stark reality that this pandemic has exposed by quickly “returning to normal” without making substantive changes in systems and policies.
  • How
    A special screening of the women’s stories and an interactive forum will be held during the week of May 26. The forum will include Sheila Young, M.D., Assistant Professor at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science and manager of the COVID-19 test site at the University. She will be joined by Bianca Smith, LCSW and researcher, who will be available to answer questions live.
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