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Black Women Rally

for action

Creating A Better Quality of Life

for Black Women in

Los Angeles County


Our Vision

Black Women Rally for Action is a clear call to build on the unmatched resiliency of Black women and expand community-led action to decrease and eliminate the gaps in the crisis-level health and well-being disparities among Black women in Los Angeles County. Using lessons learned and building on current and past initiatives, the call to action focuses on the role of Black women in mobilizing resources and individuals to change policy and systems to better meet their needs – Collective Action.

We are dedicated to advancing health, economic, and social equity for Black women through direct action and connection to effective resources.

Advancing and elevating

Who We Are

A nonpartisan and diverse alliance of Black women from greater Los Angeles County united in the charge to ensure that all Black women have an optimum quality of life in Los Angeles County.

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We provide a mechanism for Los Angeles County Black women to advocate on behalf of their health and well-being. We inspire hope and resiliency.


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